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Help for Carers

Are you a carer?

There are never enough hours in the day for a carer. You wish you could do more for the one you love, but your time and your energy run out.

Perhaps we can help you share the load - and give you the opportunity for a break and a respite from the demands.

We can't replace you as a carer, but we can help. We can share the load. These are some of the things we could do to help you . . .

Arrange outings - a walk, a short run in the car, a visit to a show or a cinema, a trip to the library or to do a bit of shopping. We can arrange an appointment with the hairdresser, or plan an outing for a meal or a picnic.

We can arrange a special event, a celebration or a party. And we will do all the organising, arrange the food, send out invitations - and clear up afterwards!

How can you manage medical appointments? They can often occur at difficult times involving time off from your work. We can help with appointments for medical care. We can take the person you are caring for to the doctor or dentist, to the chiropodist or opticians, or to the hospital.

Property worries
Sometimes what should be the simplest of jobs turns out too hard to arrange and cope with. We can help with property problems. It may simply be that something needs repairing. We can arrange to get it done.

When it comes to bigger issues like moving home, the problems can seem overwhelming. We can help. We can prepare a home for sale or rent so that you will get the best income possible.

Our gardens give us so much pleasure. But not when the lawn gets overgrown, the weeds flourish, the hedge needs trimming, and the plants don't get watered. We can arrange to make the garden look cared for and beautiful again. This can bring real joy and happiness.

As time goes on we tend to get more clutter. Some people like to live surrounded by piles of things. But other people desire a simpler lifestyle. Are the piles of things getting too much, and there just isn't enough time to sort it out? We can help. We are really good at de-cluttering.

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