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How we can help

How can we help you?

We are here to help you get
more out of life and enjoy independence in your home.

Feeling Lonely?
We can give you friendship, someone who cares, someone to talk to.

Need Practical help?
Are you worried about your home? Let us give your home a nice spring clean - in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter! Perhaps you need help with your laundry. We can do it for you. Are there things you can't fix? Is your garden too much to handle? We can solve the problem. If we can't do it ourselves we will find someone trustworthy who can help. And we will make sure it is done right.

Need a tasty meal?
We can cook you something you'll really enjoy. Or we can take you out for a meal.

Eyes deteriorating?
We can read to you - a letter, tell you what's on TV. Or we can take you to get your eyes checked out at the opticians or arrange a home visit, if you prefer. We can also arrange hearing tests.

Need other help?
We can arrange for the help and support you need.

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